Red Maple Realtors



Red Maple Realtors is a full service real estate company that handles all types of real estate transactions including:   Property Management, Sales and Leasing.

The principal of our company, Norman Walters, is a broker in Maryland and has been practicing real estate for 33 years.

The real estate market in  2020 has been affected by the Covid-19 virus.  The real estate market is active but at a slower pace than usual.  This Fall might be a busier market than normal.  We believe there will be pent up demand after the states re-open.  We expect   leasing and selling to be brisk in the Fall of 2020 and also  Spring 2021.   Historically the Case Shiller Index shows we have a strong real estate market compared to other cities.  

The homes for sale inventory is low many  areas.  Multiple offers are not uncommon.    The rental home inventory is low, homes are renting quickly  and rental prices are  stable. We expecting a leveling of rental prices in 2020.