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Written move-in inspection with the tenants
Year end income and expense statement for your accounting
End of the year maintenance log of repairs performed
Written tenant’s move out inspection 
Arrange for rental license, owner pays costs
Prepare and execute all lease paperwork


Meet with repairmen/vendors to have maintenance performed
Annual property inspection with photos
Walk thru home and go over furnace & heat pump systems with tenants.
Show tenants basic home maintenace, ie:  filters, hose bibbs, etc. 
Label main water shut off  & outdoor water faucets with orange tags.
Install water leak alarms.
They emit a loud alarm if water touches the alarm contacts Meet with repairmen/vendors to obtain estimates for any larger repairs. 
Review repair estimates over $ 350 with owner & schedule contractors
 to do the work.
Schedule annual HVAC checkup with my preferred vendor or yours.
Tenants call property manager for everything.


Direct deposit the rent into your bank account,
Landlord has 24/7 online access to income & expense statements via web portal.
Deposit security deposit in an Federally Insured Escrow account.
Management fees are a percentage of rent.

Obtain credit report on tenants
Verify Salary & employment
Verify previous rental history
Analyze tenant’s application and debt ratios to  make a recommendation to the landlord.
The landlord makes the final decision. 
Send demand letters if tenants pay late
If tenant’s don’t pay turn case over to Attorney to file a failure to pay rent suit


Tenant screening

Property Management

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Red Maple Realtors is a full service property management company that specializes in helping investors manage their residential rental homes.

Our primary goal is to keep your investment fully leased and generating income for you.  In addition, our secondary goal is to maintain your home in the best possible condition so that you may continue to lease the home or sell it in the future. 

We also strive to maintain successful and collaborative relationships with our tenants to make the experience a positive one for everyone.  Our core focus is:  finding quality tenants, collecting the rent and maintaining your investment.

The Washington DC Metro area has a strong demand for rental homes because of an increasing population and good paying jobs.  Rents are forecasted to rise about 3-4 % per year for the next 3-5 years.  That is great news for real estate investors!

5% of Property Mgmt is collecting the rent.   95% is everything else

Here is a summary of the services we perform.